WWE Rumor: Roman Reigns is the Next 'Paul Heyman Guy'

Some WWE rumors are so juicy that they need to be read while sitting. This is one of those times.

With Brock Lesnar possibly leaving WWE for the summer to pursue another UFC mega fight, that leaves Paul Heyman idle. Rumors have Heyman pairing with Ronda Rousey, but the Wrestling Observer just one-upped that notion.

Apparently, there's a belief within WWE that Paul Heyman could join forces with a newly crowned Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Even more, Reigns and Heyman's union would wholly depend on the Big Dog turning heel.

While the thought of this duo is compelling enough to park your car and think about, here's a reminder that this is considered a speculative idea.

That's said, let's do some speculating.

Even though there is some gap to fill before WrestleMania, the longstanding belief is that Reigns will beat Lesnar and become Universal Champion in New Orleans. While no outcome is guaranteed, this has been the rumor for nearly a year. Even more, Lesnar's WWE contract is reportedly expiring after 'Mania, making his loss all the more likely.

Dana White recently stated he hopes Brock comes to UFC for one more fight, something that looked inevitable until Jon Jones failed another drug test. Regardless if Lesnar hops to UFC, he'll likely be taking time off from WWE after WrestleMania, which lends itself to the Heyman/Reigns theory.

A heel turn by Reigns would be the answer to many fans' prayers. Ever since his single run began, hordes of fans have been begging for WWE to flip Reigns to the dark side. While Roman has had some villains moment (RAW after WrestleMania 33), WWE has been careful to keep him relatively likable. But all of that could change at WrestleMania.

Theoretically, Heyman could betray Lesnar in New Orleans. That moment, with a grinning Reigns in the background, would be a more organic version of WrestleMania 17's unholy union between Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It's not a bright idea to expect this to happen. However, a rumor like this will make the final moments of WrestleMania 34 captivating.


Photo: WWE