Road Dogg on Which NXT Stars He Wants on Smackdown

Brian James (aka Road Dogg) recently appeared on his former D-X team-mate Sean "X-Pac" Waltman's "12360" podcast and web show to discuss his position within the behind-the-scenes structure of Smackdown Live.

Road Dogg opened up about a variety of other topics, including SmackDown's status as WWE's next-level proving grounds (after NXT), the decision to put together the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match, and which current NXT developmental talent he'd like to see make the jump to.

While James insists he's not totally in charge of booking operations for SmackDown, he's about as high up as you can be in the pecking order without being a McMahon. In the interview, he revealed who he'd bring up right away if he was in charge of making the call, given the pick of the litter among the NXT Superstars.

"I would love to have Asuka. I think she is a huge star down at NXT and I think she can be an even huger star at the next level. So I'd love to have her. I love Bobby Roode as a human being; known him for years in TNA"

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James also touched on the current NXT tag champions, "I like those Authors of Pain! They're a big young group of guys, really willing to learn and willing to perform... their instincts are good, and their timing is good for a couple of big dudes." He also complimented AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger on their success since coming to the WWE's blue brand proving grounds.

Earlier this month, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman seemingly confirmed rumors that his former D-Generation X team-mate had risen to top of WWE creative for SmackDown Live.

The rumors that Road Dogg had replaced previous head writer Ryan Ward as the primary booking consultant for SmackDown first surfaced in January. In a recent interview with WZ Daily, X-Pac alleged "Vince just lets him have the wheel. Vince doesn't even come to SmackDown! A huge amount of the success is on Road Dogg's shoulders."


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