Ricochet Reportedly Coming to WWE in January

Over the past year, WWE boosted its roster with a multitude of international signings. However, there's been one name that's been anticipated more then the rest. And it sounds like he's finally WWE bound.

International wrestling star, Ricochet is reportedly not only said to have signed, but will start with the company in January according to PWInsider. While this doesn't necessarily mean he'll be debuting in front of WWE camera, he will at least begin work at WWE's performance center.

There are no details at the moment on WWE's plans for the Lucha Underground stud, but he will likely start in NXT. However given his pedigree, he likely will not be there long and could be shot to the main roster by SummerSlam.

At 29 years old, Ricochet has plenty of juice left in his tank. Ricochet is immensely talented and owns one of the most unique and explosive arsenals in all of the professional wrestling. At 5'10" and just under 200 pounds, it's unlikely he'll be pinning Brock Lesnar, however, Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion.

While most of WWE's fanbase may be unfamiliar with Ricochet's ability, he's worth getting blindly excited for. There is the chance that he is absorbed by 205 Live, given his size. However he may prove to be exceptional enough to transcend the "little guy" stigma that most certainly exists in WWE.


We'll keep you posted on this story as it develops but be on the lookout for a WWE press release announcing Ricochet's signing here in the next few weeks.