Watch: Randy Orton Hits Son with an 'RKO Outta Nowhere'

Thanks to tireless work from the internet, Randy Orton's RKO is the most recognizable finishing maneuver in all of WWE. Given its stature, you would think that his family would be well away from that their father can strike at any moment. Well, one of them got a painful reminder from the Viper himself.

During an Orton Family pool party, the youngsters were taking turns showing off their poolside acrobatics. Despite the camera rolling, the kids continued their naive tricks, and as if we were watching Nat Geo, the Orton picked his son out of mid-air and delivered a venomous RKO.

This brutal display of pool violence serves as a cautionary tale to anyone who coexists with Orton. At any time, he can strike. The fact he'll snipe his own family lets us know that The Viper doesn't discriminate: if it breaths, it gets RKO'ed.

Unfortunately, this was the most impactful RKO Orton's unloaded in some time. 2017 was a bit of an inconsistent year for the 13-time WWE Champion as it saw him win the Royal Rumble, win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33, then enter a summer-long losing streak to Jinder Mahal and then bring the year to a close with a stretch of aimlessness.


However given his talent and pedigree we now that Orton is just a few big moments from the entering a hot streak. Here's to more RKO's!