Is Paul Heyman in Hot Water Backstage?

Paul Heyman may have taken his role as Brock Lesnar's "advocate" too far.

Heyman and Lesnar are one of WWE's most successful pairings. In every era of Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman has been in the background. As the perfect mix of Undertaker's Paul Bearer and 'Game of Thrones' Little Finger, Heyman has carved out his own spot in WWE's history. However, he may have begun to overstep some of his creative boundaries.

While Heyman essentially plays Lesnar's agent on TV, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Heyman resumes this attorney-like role back stage in WWE's booking of the Beast Incarnate. It's believed that Heyman has swayed WWE's creative team on certain ideas for Brock, ones the WWE Universal Champion would have been more receptive too if not for Heyman's interjection.

Even further, it's not just that Heyman is disagreeing, but Wrestling Observer claims that he may be going over their head's. After being a part of WWE for nearly 20 years, Heyman has built a close relationship with Vince Mcmahon. He's said to be using their bond as a way to skip the creative process and appeal to Vince directly.

Although Heyman is the father of ECW and was once had creative responsibilities on WWE, he does not technically have the authority to alter storylines.While his input is likely considered, it sounds like Heyman may have overstepped some boundaries here and there.

This isn't isn't exactly shocking as Heyman has always been said to be an opinionated character. And because he's so closely aligned with Brock Lesnar it's in his best interest on a personal and professional level to make sure Lesnar is booked properly. It seems that Heyman and WWE may have different versions of "proper booking" but that's hardly a new thing behind WWE's curtains.


Could this build resentment behind WWE's closed door towards Heyman? Sure. Does Paul Heyman care or is his status in jeopardy? Probably not. It's likely that Heyman sees WWE's writing staff is less qualified than he is when it comes to booking a wrestling promotion. And to his credit, he's probably right for thinking so.

So, while there probably is a little saltiness towards the Advocate, don't expect anything to transpire. Heyman signed a new contract just a year ago, and it looks like Lesnar may be sticking around for the long haul. We will keep you posted if anything further develops.