Edge Shares Thoughtful Perspective on Paige's Retirement

The news of Paige's forced retirement was a tough way to start off 2018. At just 25-years old, it still feels unfair that she is done wrestling in WWE. Unfortunately, wrestling careers tend to end early, but that's created a remarkable support group.

WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, recently spoke with CBS Local and addressed Paige's sad circumstances. Like her, Edge has his career ended by an injury, and that experience has given him a perspective that's worth sharing

"It is tough because when I retired, I was 37. I had accomplished everything and then some I set out to do within that industry, so there wasn’t anything else besides wanting to help some younger talent and teach them. That was what the next mode of my career was going to be. So it is a different scenario" he said.

Despite the unfortunate developments, Edge thinks Paige has plenty to be proud of.

"I guess all I can say if that is the case, is she did a lot. She got a lot accomplished. She won the women’s championship, and she stood out. You just try and focus on the positives instead of drawing on the negatives. That’s really all you can do in that kind of situation. But I don’t know if there’s a magic elixir or the perfect sentence you can say to make that easier to swallow," said Edge.

WWE has yet to confirm Paige's retirement, but it's been acknowledged by several of her peers. Despite the morbid reports, Paige may attempt to wrestle again, but given WWE's rigid protocol, it won't be for them.

Paige may find herself in a situation that parallels that of Daniel Bryan. WWE forced him into an early retirement citing chronic concussion-related issues. However Bryan earned medical clearance by doctors outside of WWE, but without the consent of Vince McMahon and his medical staff, he will never return to a WWE ring. Given Paige's approach to social media, she may be attempting a similar quest.


Paige missed all of 2017 thanks to neck surgery. She revealed a few weeks ago that her doctors warned her not to wrestle again in fear of causing permanent damage. However, Paige made her defiant return and after a Sasha Banks kick at a December 27th live event, the doctor's omen looked to have manifested.

Paige hasn't wrestled since the Banks kick and by all indications not written by Paige herself, it looks like her career is finished.