New Favorite Emerges to Win Royal Rumble

It may seem like a ludicrous concept, but you can bet on WWE. When the Royal Rumble arrives on January 28th, so does wrestling's version of the Kentucky Derby, and a new favorite just emerged.

BetWrestling released their latest odds for the Rumble and while they're destined to change, at this moment Shinsuke Nakamura is top dog. Oddly enough, betting odds can sometimes serve as spoilers and at +140, the gambling world is telling you that they believe Nakamura has an about a 40% chance of winning. Next in line is Roman Reigns, a surprising Dolph Ziggler, followed by John Cena, and Finn Balor officially wraps up the top 5 likeliest Rumble winners. Check out the rest of the list:

Shinsuke Nakamura +140

Roman Reigns +225

Dolph Ziggler +400

John Cena +400

Finn Balor +700

Randy Orton +1000

Baron Corbin +1000

Daniel Bryan +1000

Braun Strowman +1600

AJ Styles +1600

Seth Rollins +1600

Sami Zayn +1800

Kevin Owens +1800

Batista +2000

So does this mean Nakamura will be your 2018 Royal Rumble winner? Not at all, but it's not a totally dismissable item, either. Even more, when you look at the scenario that would follow a Nakamura win, it's easy to see why WWE would select him to be the last man standing.

As part of Smackdown, Nakamura would challenge longtime rival AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34 for the WWE Championship. The pair has concocted some iconic moments outside of WWE and many would feel that their anthology is worthy of a top spot at 'Mania.


Even more, the field of legitimate winners is very short, and Nakamura may, in fact, be the most attractive candidate. John Cena is rumored to already have WrestleMania plans, as does Dolph Ziggler, so them winning the Rumble wouldn't be a logical fit. The same goes for Roman Reigns who is destined to face Brock Lesnar in New Orleans.

This will remain a fluid situation and we'll keep you posted as we march towards the Rumble. However, we won't know who wins the Rumble until the final man is actually eliminated and WWE closes its curtains.