WWE Rumor: New Day Member Set for Singles Push

Fans have been clamoring for WWE to capitalize on The New Day's box office success with the launch of either Big E, Kofi Kingston, or Xavier Woods into singles stardom. And that day may be finally upon us.

PWInsider reports that WWE is preparing Big E for a solo run and subsequent push. The first step would be for him to win next week's Money in the Bank qualifying match against Cesaro and Sheamus.

For now, consider this rumor to be tentative. WWE could easily roll with Xavier Woods or Kofi Kingston next week. Even more, Cesaro or Sheamus, could win and effectively make this rumor worthless. However, if Big E wins in London, then things take can take a legitimate step forward.

Given his remarkable physique, comfort on the microphone, and uncanny pelvic mobility, Big E is overdue for a solo career. When The New Day first got hot, it became posh to demand he break off and carve out his own path, but in the years that have passed, WWE has doubled and tripled down on keeping The New Day together.


If Big is to go it alone, he would (and should) keep his New Day ties. So for anyone hoping for a heel turn from any party, should readjust their expectations.

This story is developing...