Money in the Bank: Daniel Bryan Makes Big Cass Tap Again

Daniel Bryan forced Big Cass tap for the second pay-per-view in a row on Sunday, locking in a heel hook submission to put the 7-foot-tall giant down at Money in the Bank.

Late in match Bryan appeared to have the advantage with a series of running dropkicks in the corner. Cass attempted to counter, only for Bryan to roll through and lock in the Yes! Lock.

Cass managed to get to the ropes and rolled out to floor, only for Bryan to chase him with a diving crossbody.

After brawling on the floor, the two returned to the ring where Cass nailed a fall-away slam from the second rope for a two count. He followed up with a Torture Rack submission hold and another slam for a two count.

Bryan went low and chopped Cass' legs from behind, then nailed a series of Yes Kicks. Cass countered the final one and attempted a chokeslam, only for Bryan to escape and nail another kick. He set up for the Knee Plus, but Cass pushed him away and hit a big boot for two.

Cass went for the Torture Rack again, but Bryan escaped and hit the Knee Plus.

Bryan then locked in the heel hook, forcing Cass to submit. The former WWE Champion then led a rowdy Chicago Crowd at the Allstate Arena in a Yes! chant.

The feud between Cass and Bryan first started after WrestleMania 34. Bryan, having been out of action for three years due to concussion injuries, made his triumphant return at WWE's biggest annual show and helped Shane McMahon defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a tag match. He then wanted to get his hands on The Miz after Miz was moved to SmackDown Live via the Superstar Shake-up, but Cass inserted himself into the mix saying nobody was paying attention to him after returning from an ACL tear. He blamed Bryan for that fact, and went on to rant in several promos about being superior to Bryan due to their height difference.


However that height advantage has yet to help Cass, given Bryan was able to make him submit in their first match at Backlash as well.

With this feud likely behind him and SummerSlam just two months away, does Bryan finally turn his attention to his old rival in the Miz? Fans will find out on Tuesday when SmackDown Live airs at 8 p.m. ET on the USA Network.