Matt Hardy Reveals His Goals For 'Broken Universe' In WWE

Our BROKEN hopes are really high. Despite being entangled in a legal dispute with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the BROKEN characters, Matt Hardy is optimistic his DELIGHTFUL creations will make their way to the WWE.

In a recent interview with, The Hardy's were asked about their homecoming and during the chat, Matt Hardy revealed that he has plans to bring the entire House of Hardy into the WWE.

"That is ultimately the goal. There are a couple of things we are working on now and yeah I think we'll get there. I would love for that to happen, I think that would be an amazing series of action figures with 'Broken Matt' and 'Brother Nero', Senor Benjamin, Queen Rebecca and King Maxel - all hail King Maxel!"

As for who Matt would like to feud with as a solo performer, he wants the same exact feud we all do.

"Just for starters, if we get to where we need to be, I think 'Broken' Matt Hardy against Bray Wyatt would be an amazing deal."

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Matt also weighed in with some great choices for who Jeff could ultimately square off with.

"You look at him [Jeff] – him vs Seth Rollins, him vs Finn Balor, either one of us vs Roman Reigns – there's a lot of cool, interesting combinations of guys who became stars in the last five or six years that we've never worked against, it's totally like a fresh slate. So there's a lot of potential forces as singles competitors also."

While the Hardys could have a great singles run in their future, Matt says their immediate goal is to re-establish their Tag Team dominance.

"Speaking from my perspective, I think right now our goal, especially starting, coming back, being reintroduced to the WWE universe after being away for a substantial amount of time, really was to be a tag team – we became famous for being a tag team. I think down the road there will be a potential for both of us doing our own things; we're both strong singles personalities in many ways, and I think as performers we've grown as we've got older; we've got smarter"


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