Macaulay Culkin Answers Rusev's WrestleMania 34 Challenge

With WreslteMania 34 mere weeks away and Rusev still without a match, the Bulgarian Brute took to [...]

With WreslteMania 34 mere weeks away and Rusev still without a match, the Bulgarian Brute took to social media on Thursday to challenge any celebrity to a special one-on-one match on April 8 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Multiple celebrities were called out by fans, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson even suggesting to have him take on comedian Kevin Hart, but an unlikely former child star actually stepped up to answer the call — Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin.

"I'll take you on," Culkin wrote in response to Rusev's open challenge tweet. "Back alley brawl?"

He then took things a step further with an official challenge.

"BREAKING NEWS: I am officially accepting @RusevBUL challenge to wrestle him at this year's Wrestlemania," Culkin wrote. "You heard it here first, folks. Come at me, bro!"

Sadly Rusev wasn't as open to the idea.

"I cannot hit Little Kevin McAllister or Richie Rich!" Rusev wrote, referencing two of Culkin's better-known roles from his acting days.

"It's cool, I'd be doing all the hitting anyway," Culkin wrote in a snappy comeback.

A match against Rusev wouldn't be Culkin's first time inside a wrestling ring, as the 37-year-old actor made a surprise appearance at an independent wrestling show for the BAR Wrestling promotion in California in December. Channeling his inner Kevin McAllister, Culkin threw a bucket of marbles into the ring and sent several wrestlers flying. He even got to hit a splash on former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle.

Despite having an undefeated 2-0 streak at WrestleMania, Rusev has found a hard time getting on WWE's biggest show in the past couple of years. He famously made his WrestleMania debut back at WrestleMania 31, entering the arena on a tank as he tried (and failed) to defend his United States Championship against John Cena.

A year later Rusev pulled off another win, teaming with his League of Nations partners Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus to defeat The New Day in a six-man tag match.