Carmella and Liv Morgan Look Alike and Already Hate Each Other for It

Now that James Ellsworth is gone from WWE, Carmella is lacking one of her most identifiable characteristics. With NXT's Liv Morgan being the freshest addition to SmackDown Live, Carmella may need to find a new way to distinguish herself. Regardless, Carmella is already defending her turf as SmackDown's rightful blonde-hair having, backward hat rocking, Jordan wearing wrestler.

After Morgan and fellow NXT call-ups Sarah Logan and Ruby Riot put a beating on most of SmackDown's roster, Carmella put out a tweet that warned them not to cross her. Or, specifically to Morgan, to not steal her clothes.

Morgan would fire back and point the finger at Carmella asserting that Ms. Money in the Bank was the one guilty of infringement.

Things would get petty from here and all indicators point to this being just the first installment of prolonged Twitter beef.


Could a wardrobe war be in the works? It's possible, but WWE will likely instruct both women to make some small alterations to there isn't such an observable overlap. Carmella does have one piece of her character that outranks anything Morgan could ever add at the moment: the Money in the Bank briefcase.