Lana Makes Her Debut on SmackDown Live

The Ravishing Russian has finally made her grand entrance on SmackDown Live!

Tonight's episode of SmackDown Live opened with Commissioner Shane McMahon holding an in-ring ceremony introducing the five contestants who will go on to take part in the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match in just under two weeks.

With all gathered in the ring, as well as current WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi and Carmella's ring escort James Ellsworth, Shane then debuted the prize honor they'll be competing for at that pay-per-view on June 18th-- the Women's Money in the Bank briefcase.

Womens MITB briefcase reveal

But despite all the bright white shine and gold trim of that briefcase, and the power of the contract it contains, the real surprise was Lana's entrance, finally making her debut on the blue brand in an appropriately bright blue dress.

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Lana had previously taken to twitter to ask her new boss for a spot in the first ever women's Money In The Bank match.

Days after WWE posted stunning images of the SD Live star's new ring gear, Lana tweeted, "Dear Shane McMahon, can I please negotiate being put in the first ever MITB women's match? I'd like to be a part of history. Thank you."

But considering she has yet to have a singles match on the WWE's main roster, getting a spot in the history-making ladder match proved to be a long shot.

Lana and Rusev joined the Smackdown Live roster as a part of the Superstar Shake-Up. While we first assumed that meant it would be business as usual for Rusev's valet, it was soon announced Lana was coming to women's division as a singles competitor. Lana has toured with NXT and WWE had reportedly been considering a singles run for her that would tie into her dance background for some time now.

Though her appearance got a huge pop from the crowd, and reaction from the other women gathered in the ring, SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon was quick to dismiss Lana from the ceremony without adding her to the MITB match or even tonight's women's tag event.

However, that wasn't the last we saw of the Ravishing Russian, who returned to attack current champ Naomi. Her interference gave "The Welcoming Committee" of Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina the victory tonight over Naomi, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

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