Watch: Lana's Hair Extensions Go Flying After Asuka Roundhouse

Non-wrestling fans love to point out that wrestling is fake. Of course, not all components of the sport are fabricated, but Lana's hair is most certainly a sham.

At SmackDown Live event on Monday, a kick from Asuka sent Lana's hair extensions flying from her scalp. Naturally, footage of the hilarious incident made it to the internet.

Lana has a similar incident happen with Naomi in 2017 where the former SmackDown Women's champion actually snatched the Ravishing Russian's wig. The encounter with Asuka is slightly less embarrassing, but it may be time for Lana to find a new hairdresser—after all, it looks like she's going to be wrestling quite a bit in 2018.

A report surfaced in May indicating that Lana may be in line for a push as a singles wrestler. Since debuting at Rusev's side, the 33-year old has always had a healthy relationship with WWE crowd. This demonstrable popularity had lead to a few stints in the ring, but she may be set for her longest sustained attempt at becoming a female Superstar yet.

On June 17 Lana will join Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, Natalya and Sasha Banks in the second ever Women's Money in the Bank match. Right now, consider Lana a long shot, but her detractors are likely surprised she's even in the match. Clearly, WWE sees something in her, but it's doubtful they're ready to give her a turn as Ms. Money in the Bank.

This isn't the first time WWE has prepped Lana for launch In early 2017, WWE assigned her a ballroom dancing character that was scrapped not long after its inception. However, she's been slowly reintroduced as a wrestler, starting with her and husband Rusev combining forces in the Mixed Match Challenge.

Regardless, Money in the Bank is a massive opportunity for Lana, and quite possibly for #RusevDay, as well. A few rumors have asserted Lana would split the brotherhood between Rusev and his male muse, Aiden English. WWE even teased Lana being irritated by English's presence, but it appears that instead of reinstalling Lana and Rusev as a villainous couple, WWE may be more interested to see if Lana can simply join the Rusev Day ranks.


Lana will be an interesting Superstar to keep an eye in 2018. let's just hope she can figure out a way to keep her hair intact.