Kurt Angle Thought He'd Never Lose A WWE Match

Last week, WWE released their new documentary WWE 24 Kurt Angle: Homecoming. The narrative followed Kurt Angle's arrival in WWE, his peaks, his valleys, his departure, and his recent comeback and Hall of Fame induction. If you've ever enjoyed Angle's work, consider this a must watch.

A nice anecdote comes from 1996, right after Angle had won his now patented Olympic Gold Medal. He was approached by Vince McMahon, who was hoping to sign the red-hot athlete. For Angle though, he had a naive understanding of WWE and their businesses.

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"In 1996, after I won the gold medal, Vince McMahon said he'd like to meet with me. He threw a contract at me right away. It was a 10-year deal. It was more money than I ever saw in my lifetime at that time. I looked at the contract and stared back at Vince and said, 'Mr. McMahon, thank you for the offer. I hope you know I'm an Olympic gold medalist, so I could never lose.' I didn't hear from Vince McMahon after that. I didn't get it. I didn't understand what this was. As a kid, I was taught by my brothers and coaches, 'don't watch that stuff. It's fake. You're real.' So I never did."

If only we could have seen the look on Vince McMahon's face when a young Kurt Angle reasoned he'd have to keep an impeccable wrestling record. Fortunately for all of us, someone pulled Kurt aside and explained that's not how WWE worked. He signs with WWE two years later, but his handsome 10-year offer had evaporated. Angle had to try out. If it wasn't a foregone conclusion anyway, Angle's first days in a wrestling ring were said to be unprecedently natural.

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The rest is history, Angle would go on to have one of the most decorated and beloved careers in WWE history. And, after a 10-year hiatus, Angle is back. WWE didn't hesitate in placing in under the bright lights of RAW as they made him the Monday night General Manager.


Currently, Angle finds himself in quite the storyline. A plot involving blackmail and secrets, threaten to ruin the Hall of Famer's career. However, we've been lead to believe that all of the cloak and dagger stuff ends tonight as Angle will face the scandal head on during tonight's RAW.