WWE Fan Launches Water Bottle into Kalisto's Face

205 Live is the best place in WWE for flying objects. Typically, it's WWE Superstars that sky through the airspace, but on Tuesday's episode, a fan decided to toss his full bottle of water not just into orbit, but into Kalisto's face.

Throwing things at wrestlers is indefensible, but launching something that could actually harm someone is reprehensible. The childish fan was removed from the show and thrown off a bridge by WWE security. That last part may not be true, but it makes for a proper deterrent for any fan who thinks it would be funny to partake in such moronic activities.

We haven't heard anything about Kalisto being injured from the incident, so we'll guess he was only started. Regardless, we'd like to remind you to never do this. Ever.

Boo, cheer, yell, cry, flip the middle finger, tell the wrestlers the "suck it," but never inject yourself or an object into a WWE show.