Kalisto Injured Following 205 Live Incident With Fan

One of WWE's top high flyers was injured on Tuesday night thanks to the moronic activities of a fan in attendance during the 205 Live tapings.

As PopCulture noted on Wednesday, Kalisto was on the outside of the ring when a water bottle was launched at him from the crowd. The bottle bounced and hit him directly in the mouth.

Clearly, throwing an object at a performer is one of the most ignorant things a fan could do while attending a wrestling event. Especially in this case, as it has now been confirmed by Kalisto's wife that he suffered an injury as a result of this fan's ignorance. He reportedly needed stitches and an MRI following the event. He may have also suffered some kind of fracture, though that is not confirmed.

Kalisto's wife elaborated in a post to Instagram.


According to WWE sources, the (male) fan was caught by security. According to a fan in attendance, the bottle was thrown from up near the suite level, which explains why it came in at such a high velocity and caused so much damage.

Here's to hoping that this particular fan has been banned from WWE events for life.