John Cena Explains Why Turning Heel Makes No Sense

Over the last decade-plus, one of the biggest topics of discussion in the wrestling industry has always been a possible John Cena heel turn.

Would it give new life to his character? Would the fans cheer the newly turned heel Cena, because it's exactly what they've wanted to see? Would the WWE lose too much money in merchandising to make it worthwhile?

All are valid questions, but Cena himself has a different thought as it relates to a heel turn.

During an interview with Digital Spy, the topic of a heel turn was brought up. Cena responded with the following answer.

"So many times in WWE, the audience tells me – at the top of their lungs – that they want me to change. But over the years I've learned that, if I change, they'll just rag on me about something else. I'm never gonna please them and, at the same time, I would be turning my back on those that I care about."

You have to admit, the former WWE champion has a point. Over the years, many fans have grown to despise the man for many irrational reasons. Even while he has continued to put on classic match after classic match.

However, even if the fans did rag on him about something else, they would still be boo'ing him. And isn't that what a heel turn is all about in the end?

Lost revenue in merchandising has always been one of the biggest reasons that WWE has never turned Cena heel since he became a main event star. Continually one of WWE's highest merchandise movers, a heel turn would certainly mean less revenue coming in on t-shirts and toys, not to mention arm bands. The flip side is that a fresh angle for Cena as a heel could stimulate business, bringing in new revenue elsewhere. The question is, which scenario would ultimately bring in more money? It's hard to say for sure.

Either way, we will likely never see a Cena heel turn. As he explained recently, he is done as a full time WWE performer, so changing his character now would be to no one's benefit.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc.]