John Cena Confirms His WWE Return Date

John Cena may still be on his WWE hiatus, but do not give up fans, because the 16 time World [...]

John Cena may still be on his WWE hiatus, but do not give up fans, because the 16 time World Champion is returning on the absolute most perfect John Cena day imaginable.

Today, on Twitter, Cena revealed that he was in Atlanta – the same city where tonight's SmackDown Live is taking place. While working on what we believe to be Daddy's Home 2, Cena admitted that it was bittersweet to be so close to the WWE, yet so far away.

Then, perhaps without even realizing the information he was giving away, Cena revealed that "7/4 can't get here fast enough!" Coming from the all-American hero that he is, this message could have been taken simply as enthusiasm for America's day of independence.

Yet, one look at the calendar and you will see that this July 4th happens to fall on a Tuesday – the exact same night as SmackDown Live.

Of course, WWE would save the most American American hero's return for the most American day of the year! It all makes perfect sense!

This can't be good news for Jinder Mahal!

Sure, WWE loves that they're making a name for themselves in India, but with Jinder working those anti-American promos every week, you just know they can't wait to feed him to Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect!

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Cena is one WWE Championship victory away from breaking the all-time record he shares with Ric Flair, and the longer they let Jinder keep that belt warm, the sweeter it will be for Cena when he comes to get it.

So, set your calendars. Buy your fireworks. Turn those wranglers into jorts and get ready to see John Cena ride in on the back of a bald eagle while Lee Greenwood wipes his proud eyes on the back Toby Keith's shirt sleeve.

'Merica is on its way back to the WWE!

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[Photo Credit: WWE]