Is John Cena Behind Baron Corbin's WWE 'Punishment?'

Baron Corbin's plunge down the WWE totem pole may stem from an altercation with John Cena.

The past several days have been unforgiving for The Lone Wolf. Just last week the budding Superstar was thought to be in line for a main event level push. However, after losing his Money in the Bank contract then plainly losing to John Cena at SummerSlam, flags were raised by fans and media alike.

How could WWE have gone so cold on Corbin this quickly? In wrestling, things remain fluid, so overreacting to a few booking decisions is never smart. Yet, this situation with Corbin continues to stink of something bigger at play.

According to Sportskeeda, there was some sort of backstage mishap between Corbin and Cena:

"It has been revealed to us that John Cena chewed out Baron Corbin at the SmackDown taping in-front of creative and several talents. The context of the comments centered around Corbin's attitude and how he perceives himself."

SportsKeeda claims to have a source within WWE and normally we would wait for more confirmation on this subject. However, this new information is a logical step in the progression. Early last week, many of the wrestling media outlets were reporting that Corbin had backstage "heat."

Even further, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claims that Corbin is indeed being punished. While we still don't know the specifics, Sportskeeda's report fits the pattern.

One of the most peculiar instances of Corbin's week was the fashion in which he lost to Cena at SummerSlam. The match was quick and looked more like a tune-up for Cean than a huge PPV match. In the earlier part of the bout, Cena and Corbin were caught jawing at one another. SportsKeeda asserts that Cena can be seen and heard saying the following: "Nothing is about you! You ain't done sh** here, so you don't know what it's like!"

While the quote is debatable, we have the footage. Take a look for yourself:

Cena Corbin SS
(Photo: WWE)

It looks like at least some of the quote from above is accurate. As far as the expletive is concerned, it's just too hard to tell. But Cena does indeed look to be giving Corbin some kind of lesson.


It came out a few weeks ago that Cena had a couple negative encounters with Dolph Ziggler a few years ago. Cena and Vince McMahon would agree that Ziggler was proving to be a hindrance to the image of Cena, and WWE axed the program. While we have more speculation than facts here, it's important to underline that Cena does have power that he can wield if need be.

This story has likely only just begun as stuff like this usually can't help but become public knowledge. All we know is that Corbin went from an imminent WWE Champion to just another guy on WWE's roster is about 5 days.