RAW's New 'Constable' Ruins Taco Night, 'James Harden' Match

America loves free stuff. We like free tacos more. So when Baron Corbin denied all of RAW Houston [...]

America loves free stuff. We like free tacos more. So when Baron Corbin denied all of RAW Houston free tacos, he instantly became the most hated man in Texas.

In the name of avoiding his 200th consecutive loss, Curt Hawkins promised the Houston crowd free tacos after his win—all he had to do was pin the NBA's most prolific scorer, James Harden—or at least a small caucasian man named 'James Harden.'

Right at victory seemed imminent, Baron Corbin stormed down the ramp and deliver the End of Days to Harden, ending the match via disqualification. But more importantly, Corbin ended taco night.

The Lone Wolf was deservedly booed by the entire arena as Hawkins was left to figure out another way to end his losing streak.

After watching the world burn, Corbin then found Kurt Angle and delivered a piece of news directly from Stephanie McMahon. With a note in hand, Corbin, by the power vested in Stephanie, is now the new Constable of RAw.

We have no idea what kind of power was just bestowed to Corbin, but chances are he will not be using his new privilege to do good things.

Whatever being 'Constable' looks like, this is WWE making another effort to boost Baron Corbin. This time last year, he was a highly touted prospect for SmackDown, so when he became Mr. Money in the Bank, it seemed Corbin was destined to become WWE Champion.

But that didn't happen. Rumors of backstage heat and an altercation with John Cena appeared to manifest in Corbin's booking. He'd botch his cash-in attempt then take an ugly, anticlimactic loss to Cena at SummerSlam. In only a few months, Corbin went from imminent champion to arbitrary midcarder.

However the Superstar Shake-Up saw him move to RAW and while he won't be Mr. Money in the Bank this year, WWE seemed to be interested in keeping him relevant.

We'll see how things go in the coming weeks, but look for Corbin to get in Angle's way on a regular basis.