Brutus Beefcake Is Going to War With Hulk Hogan

It's looking like Hulk Hogan may have another legal battle on his hands in the near future.

That's if you take Brutus Beefcake's (Ed Leslie) recent tweets seriously. The former WWE and WCW star is reportedly set to release a book, and he claims that he is going to shed some new light on the Hulkster.

This quickly got Hogan's attention, who responded below, eliciting another response from Brutus.

All of this lead to even more on Twitter, and you can check Beefcake's Twitter timeline to read more on his thoughts on Hogan that includes many jabs. Hogan eventually bowed out of the Twitter war.

All of this is reportedly rooted in the fact that Beefcake and Hogan's friendship ended around 2014 due to Hogan continuing to socialize with Brutus' ex-wife and daughter. Beefcake claims that his ex has brainwashed his daughter against him, which he has written about on his Twitter page.

Hogan and Beefcake were famously very good friends for many years, going right back to the start of their careers when they started training together in 1977. At that point, the two were actually billed as brothers: Ed Boulder (Beefcake) and Terry Boulder (Hogan). When Terry changed his name to Hulk Hogan, Ed changed his name to Dizzy Hogan.

Due to their early billing together, there was an erroneous belief among some fans for years that the two actually were brothers. Instead, they intermittently worked together during their time in WWE when Ed became Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, most famously when the pair became the Mega-Maniacs and wrestled Money Inc. for the tag team titles at WrestleMania IX in 1993.


In 1994 when Hogan went to WCW, Beefcake went right along with him, becoming first the Booty Man and then the nWo Disciple.

It's sad to see that such a long friendship has deteriorated to this level over the last couple of years. Fans will want to remember the duo teaming up during happier days and hope there's some way they can work this one out. If Twitter is any indication, though, that point is a long ways away.