Current WWE Superstar to Become Manager?

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(Photo: WWE)

With Brock Lesnar tossing people into the rafters and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins setting records for homoerotica, it was easy to miss some of RAW's minute details. So we can't blame you if you missed Goldust all but announcing his days as an in ring competitor are finished.

Somewhere in RAW's 3-hour vastness, Goldust got another vignette. Recent history has taught us to ignore these little segments because Goldust has done little more than quoting some of this favorite movies.


Even though Goldust did start his promo with a quote from the Graduate, he wound up saying several things of consequence. Most notably, that he will be combing the WWE roster for either a man or women to make into a star. This translates into Goldust becoming a manager soon than later. Goldust was actually kind enough to give us a time line and stated that SummerSlam was going to be a pivotal date for his new role in WWE.

Wrestling internet wizard, Dave Mezter said as much on a recent episode of his podcast, Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer indicated that Goldust is indeed headed for a managerial role moving forward.

Wrestling fans should be excited about this for multiple reasons. First, Goldust is a pro. Even further, as a 3rd generation superstar, Goldust has this stuff in his blood. When it comes to helping a budding WWE superstar, there may not be a better option than tutelage from Goldust.

Second, managers in WWE are obsolete. Even though it's stated as a fact, it's really a complaint. Outside of Paul Heyman and Titus O'Neil, they don't exist. OK, James Ellsworth, but that even furthers the point - James Ellsworth is over as a manager - that lets us know that there's a real market for this stuff. The concept of a manager goes way, way back in wrestling history and WWE has flat out ignored it in their attempts to appear more like professional sports. Goldust as a manager will be great.


And finally, Goldust is the last remaining dinosaur from the Attitude Era. Having him around may prove to be very popular in every sense of the word. Who knew that the Bizarre One would outlast his timeless peers like The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold Steve Austin? He even perpetuated himself past the next generation of stars: Edge, Angle, and Bautista. Goldust is a study in originality as much as endurance, and after tying that into his lineage it isn't so surprising that he has transcended time.