Fans Are Upset With the Way Roman Reigns Wears the Intercontinental Championship

Roman Reigns is no stranger to angry fans. For years now, Reigns has been voraciously booed, perpetually criticized, and heavily cursed by WWE's fan base. To his credit, Reigns has not only persevered but has begun to win over chunks of his haters. However, there's a collection of fans who will never leave Roman alone.

Since becoming Intercontinental Champion, Roman has made an attempt at branding his run with the title. Instead of wearing it around his waist, The Big Dog typically tosses the prestigious belt over his shoulder. To some fans, this is sacrilege at its worst.

Do these disgruntled fans have a point? Maybe if it was 1978, but this is 2017 where we're all encouraged to be different. If Reigns' choice to carry the belt over his shoulder truly bothers you, then it may be time to refrain from watching wrestling.

Besides, it may be too much for you after he wins the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 and slings it over his shoulder, so in the name of self-preservation, maybe you should start watching golf.