Fan Interrupts Paul Heyman Promo with Wedding Proposal During RAW

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar returned to RAW on Monday night to address his new opponent for Survivor Series: new WWE Champion AJ Styles.

What was expected to be a big segment to build up the champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series ended up having its attention stolen by an unlikely source: a fan proposing in the crowd.

About halfway through Paul Heyman's promo (with Lesnar at his side), the fans started chanting something that was not audible on the live broadcast. After a few seconds of Heyman and Lesnar smiling and looking over to the crowd, the announcers pointed out that the fans were chanting "she said yes" in response to a fan proposing in the crowd.

Heyman, always quick on his feet, responded in the perfect way. He said that the only reason she said yes was because she had never been next to "The Beast" Brock Lesnar.

Oh yeah, and this.


Heyman sold the match itself by really building up AJ Styles. In fact, you could almost imagine him as Styles' manager (and how awesome that could be) by the way he spoke about him during the promo. And though he acknowledged Styles' greatness, specifically mentioning all of the big resume wins he has in 2017, he again pointed out that he has never been in the ring with someone like Brock Lesnar.

All in all, the segment accomplished what it set out to do: build anticipation for a dream match between Styles and Lesnar this Sunday. However, it will probably be most remembered for an unscripted moment involving a fan's proposal and Heyman's quick wit.