Fabulous Moolah's Shady Past Has Fans Blasting WWE for Battle Royal

Most wrestling fans are aware of the long list of trailblazing contributions The Fabulous Moolah made to the industry. But it's her alleged history of sexual exploitation and monetary abuse that has the WWE fanbase screeching.

WWE announced on the latest episode of RAW that WrestleMania 34 will host the first ever Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal. Sister the to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, the women of RAW, SmackDown and NXT will all compete for a trophy in Moolah's likeness.

However, in the breath it was announced, Twitter rocked WWE's gesture.

With her wrestling career already made, Moolah opened up a school of sorts where trained young female athletes. However, that's where the altruism allegedly comes to a halt.

Aside from not training the hopeful wrestlers, Moolah would take an oppressive 25% cut from whatever bookings they drew. Even more, the trainees were forced to rent their room directly from Moohlah even helping the WWE Hall of Famer pay rent and utilities.

And then there's the sexual exploitation.

Sweet Georgia Brown, Ida Martinez, and Luna Vachon all have personal accounts that cast Moohlah in the darkest of light. Brown went on record in saying she was raped, given drugs and made an addict with the intention of Moolah controlling her. Other stories claim that Moolah's trainers were asked to perform sexual favors before getting paid by regional promoters. Luna Vachon, at 16, was sent by Moohlah for a photo shoot with an older man. While Vachon's clothes remained on, she has said that it was an uncomfortable experience.


Moolah is also accused of smothering the careers of up and coming wrestlers to maintain her status a the top of the industry—specifically, her protege, Mad Maxine.

Maybe the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal won't be the pump of nostalgia WWE was hoping for?