Eva Marie Defends WWE Against Former Adult Film Star Mia Khalifa

Last week Mia Khalifa went off on Ronda Rousey during her YouTube show Out of Bounds, saying her moving from UFC to WWE "is where her career will go to die. I have no respect for WWE, it's not a real sport. It's embarrassing."

Social media wasted no time lashing back at the former adult film star, most notably former WWE Superstar Shane "The Hurricane" Helms.

Khalifa returned to her YouTube show this week, with a special guest in former Total Divas cast member and WWE Superstar Eva Marie.

"You have to put your body through a lot of physicality with wrestling," Marie said. "Like you're saying, you think it's fake, however when you get in the ring you're really taking those bumps, you're really taking a clothesline, you really get thrown out of the ring."

Khalifa stood by her comments that pro wrestling isn't a sport, which Marie took exception to.

"It is a sport," Marie said. "You know how your whole preception will change is if we get in a ring and you train for four weeks. This is where the difference shakes... NFL, NBA, they all have offseasons. Wrestling doesn't have an offseason. We're on the the road 290 days out of the year, performing in different cities every single night."

Khalifa said she's been invited to a wrestling event down in Austin, Texas, and said she's open to having her outlook change.


You can listen to the full episode where the two talk here.

Photo: WWE.com