Enzo Amore Raps for 2 Minutes and Sends Twitter into Gridlock

Of all the great internet debates, Enzo Amore's rapping may be the point of contention that ends the world.

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion stopped by Hot 97's studio in New York to co-host the Ebro in the Morning Show with fellow WWE employee, Peter Rosenberg. For those out of the know, Enzo fancies himself a rapper and is actually working on an album. To prove that he's serious, Amore elected to freestyle over a track for 2 minutes. The music plays on his headphones, which isolates Enzo's poetics for all.

Needless to say, Enzo's art drew some polarizing opinions from Twitter. Ranging from glowing to damning, people had a lot to say.


Music is inherently subjective, but music from Enzo Amore is exceptionally divisive. We can't hate him for putting himself out there, right? Or maybe we can. You decide.