Enzo Amore Addresses Rumors of Him Being a Pariah Within WWE

While 2017 was a successful year for Enzo Amore, he spent a lot of it making dubious headlines. Despite a number of reports claiming his peers had excommunicated him, Enzo never tried to set the record straight. Until now.

The Cruiserweight Champion joined Corey Graves on the latter's show, "Straight to the Source." Graves cut to the chase and asked Enzo about his questionable reputation within WWE's locker room. Specifically, Graves brought up an alleged incident that saw Amore get kicked off of a WWE tour bus.

"If that's the case, you wouldn't have seen me on the next show, correct? I have to get from point A to point B and they have to provide those accommodations because we work for a Fortune 500 company, so it's impossible to kick me off a bus. They ain't stupid and neither am I, they're not going to put themselves in jeopardy by not providing transportation to one of their biggest stars," explained Amore.

Enzo's reasoning does make logical sense. Considering the story comes from a European tour, WWE would likely assume a greater responsibility to maintain the safety of its Superstars, even the louder ones.

'If I can't get from point A to point B, not on a bus, how am I getting there? How could you kick me off in some place... you can't kick me out of someplace I don't want to be," he said.

While the clip above doesn't get into the rumors of Enzo being banned from the talent locker room, Enzo appears to have a thoughtful response to the bus incident.

The internet flooded with reports claiming that Enzo was indeed a pariah backstage, but a lot of that may have been overblown. If not, it conceivably was to Enzo's benefit to allow such a polarizing image of him be cast. Big Cass said as much earlier this year, claiming that all of the controversy surrounding Enzo was not a bad thing, as it kept him relevant.


Fake news or not, Enzo's run has been fruitful as the 31-year old has surprised most of the wrestling world with his ability to evoke crowd reactions. While he'll never be Universal Champion, all signs point to Enzo staying with WWE for a long time.

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