Update on Why Emma Was Released by WWE

The news that WWE was releasing Emma, Summer Rae, and Darren Young from their contracts this past Sunday shocked some. Notably the release of the Australian-native Emma, who has been seen for years as one of the best talents in the women's division.

Of course Emma never realized her full potential on the main roster after being a hit at WWE NXT, which seems to be a theme for talent called up from NXT. However, Emma clearly showed potential during her time on the main roster, and much of her failure once getting there has to be pinned on the WWE creative team.

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Apparently, Emma made no bones about telling them that. According to a report from Justin Barrasso at Sports Illustrated, Emma had been expected to be released for quite a while due to heat she had with company officials, specifically the writing team.

Emma often would go on her Twitter account and complain about not being used, especially during the awful "Emmalina" return angle. As fans will recall, during that time she was promoted as returning for weeks, and then that return was delayed week after week after week for no known reason. The character was doomed from the beginning and, to be honest, was never the best idea from the creative team.

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The tweets that were sent out on her Twitter page apparently created even more enemies for her on the writing team. Even so, she was a well respected wrestler between the ropes by the company, garnering as much respect there as any other female on the roster, and a return to the company is seen as being a possibility in the future with WWE open to it.


Apparently the final call for Emma, Young, and Summer's release came last Friday during one of Vince McMahon's routine budget meetings. Word was given to the three performers about their release on Sunday so that they would not need to fly out to work their schedules beginning on Monday.