Elias Rumored for Big Change of Character

At this point, there's no denying that most of the WWE Universe is ready to walk with Elias. And WWE may be about to make that a lot easier to do.

Elias lost his Money in the Bank match against Seth Rollins; the results were expected but how Rollins beat Elias is already garnering attention. Rollins used the classic heel maneuver of pulling Elias' tights in order to pin him. This is hardly an indication of Rollins turning heel, but more so an opportunity to garner sympathy for Elias

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio spoke on how WWE may be in the middle of turning Elias into a guitar-strumming hero.

“I think the nature of that finish is the longterm thing that Elias is going to be a babyface. Which in fact, he is.” “I think they want the idea of ‘oh he got cheated’ because that’s kind of how they set the stage for a babyface turn where the heel gets cheated and the fans go, ‘oh he kind of got cheated there.'”

While it's merely a detail, Elias receiving the benefit of the doubt could be a small step in a big direction. For the most part, Elias is greeted as a babyface by all WWE fans. However, when he starts dumping on the locals, those cheers turn to boos. Turning Elias into a good guy could be as simple leaving those hometown barbs out of his dialogue.

It will be worth keeping an eye on Elias during Monday's episode of RAW. If WWE is indeed changing his character through subtle, there will likely be a few more examples of Elias being a good guy on RAW.

However, if he's to continue his rivalry with Rollins, then becoming a babyface may be touch. Right now, Rollins is arguably the hottest act in WE, and he likely won't be sharing cheers with any of his opponents. And as long as Rollins is working against Elias, The Drifter will always be booed.


So for now just take this as s fun rumor. Elias is so good at being a heel there's no used in making a drastic turn. Instead, if WWE does want this to happen, look for Elias to be a better man by SummerSlam. However, all of this wonderful speculation could be undone if Elias if to bust his guitar over Rollins' face to open RAW on Monday.

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