Update on WWE's Plans for Dolph Ziggler

Is he done or not?

Ever since last night's edition of WWE SmackDown Live, wrestling fans have wanted to know what the deal is with Dolph Ziggler. If you missed the show, Ziggler was set for an in-ring celebration just 48 hours after winning the U.S. title at Clash of Champions. The show ran through a list of his former championship accomplishments as Dolph explained that nobody should have been surprised that he won. They showed his past U.S., Intercontinental, and World title victories.

Dolph screamed at the crowd that they don't deserve him, and he told them that if they want a memorable moment, he has one last one for them. Ziggler then proceeded to lay the belt down in the middle of the ring and walked off in silence.

I speculated in my earlier piece on Ziggler that this was likely part of a larger storyline, as Ziggler actually leaving the company wouldn't make much sense given the fact that he was put over both Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin at Clash of Champions.


It turns out, that line of thinking was in-line with WWE's plans moving forward. According to PWInsider, Ziggler will be kept off WWE television over the next few weeks but will continue working untelevised live events. It's likely that this is part of a bigger storyline that will result in Ziggler's surprise return in a few weeks time.