Dolph Ziggler Clears Up Rumors on His WWE Contract

Despite rumors circulating on the internet for the last several months, Dolph Ziggler has revealed that he has not actually signed a new contract with WWE.

During an interview this week with Chris Van Vliet, Ziggler addressed the report that Sports Illustrated put out a couple of months ago that he had re-signed with the company for $1.5 million annually, an absurdly high number that has been refuted ever since. Ziggler confirmed that the report was inaccurate.

"My father called me to congratulate me on my deal that I had re-signed and I said 'What are you talking about?' It's fun to have Internet rumors out there, but even if and when I do re-sign I won't be like 'Hey everybody, here's the details of this contract'. There's a short amount of time left on this contract, we're negotiating and we'll see what happens," Ziggler said.

While the fact that he isn't making $1.5 million might not be surprising to people, the revelation that he has in fact not re-signe with WWE might be. Ziggler is a man with many passions and opportunities, including appearing on FOX News and doing comedy, so it's never for certain that he will stick with WWE long term and has been close to leaving the company before.

It also sounds as if he wasn't completely satisfied with his most recent run as U.S. champion, addressing that period of time in the same interview.

"I'm going to guess that some plans that were made originally didn't happen," Ziggler said. "I asked to go away for a while just to let them forget that I wasn't doing anything of too much importance. I asked for some time off. I got kicked in the head by Jack Swagger and got a concussion when I was the champ and I was out for 2 weeks and that's basically all the time off I've had. Even my stand up dates are booked around when I'm not working here. So if I'm never gone, no one can hope for me to come back."

He continued, "One other time I was gone for 5 weeks to film a movie. That was it. I never went away, I never had a surgery and I don't want to but you can't be missed if you are never gone and you are always here. So I asked to go away for 6 months or a year and was told no, but maybe a couple of months. Out of nowhere in this title match, I won the match. It was really fun, it was really crazy. Corbin and Roode are really fun to wrestle. I won it and I went 'Alright, what am I going to do now?' and I figured I would have a moment and have everyone talking about me one way or another, so I threw down the title and walked out. I thought it was great and then 3 TV's later I was back."


Ziggler also spoke about being disappointed that he was eliminated almost immediately in the Royal Rumble, which was his first appearance back on WWE television after being absent for a few weeks.