Dolph Ziggler May Have Just Cut the Best Promo of His Career

Last week, it looked like Dolph Ziggler was on his way out of WWE. But in just one night, The Show Off reclaimed the relevance he's been fighting for.

Given how empty Dolph Ziggler's 2017 has been, most fans were shocked to see him win the US Championship at Sunday's Clash of Champions. Dolph's character has bounced from the face, to heel, to being absent altogether, but now he's champion.

After his big win, Ziggler gave a candid interview that felt all too personal. Actually, given the circumstances, it may have been exclusively personal.

“I talk a big ass game backstage, I tell everyone to follow that, and if I don't back it up in the ring then I don't deserve to be here. Every night I put everything out there on the line so I have to do everything I can in my free time. Get a game plan, hit the gym, watch tape, be better than everyone else at all costs. I did everything I possibly could for the last 12 years to tell everyone how good I am and tonight, for who knows, maybe the 500th time, I proved it," he asserted.

Like many of his peers, Ziggler's career has come in waves, but as of late he's hardly been involved with WWE programming. The Show-Off recently joined Edge and Christian on their podcast and was brutally honest about is status in the company, going as far as saying that he "hated" it. While this could always be an angle, we'd hate to ruin Ziggler's catharsis with speculation. After all, after Sunday's promo, we'd be foolish to question him.

"If anyone wants to come take this from me, that's fine, I'm going to beat the living hell out of you and do everything I can that much more. I am the only one in this business who is actually as good as he says he is -- I am that damn good," said Ziggler.


For the second half of 2017, Ziggler has been rumored to be departing WWE soon. Citing his expiring contract and clear unhappiness, these reports seemed to have struck a legitimate nerve. While Ziggler still may be leaving, his US Championship is going to keep him around a little longer.

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