Dolph Ziggler May Be Leaving WWE in October

After only being back on WWE cameras for 2 weeks Dolph Ziggler has run down nearly every act on WWE's card. Making fun of guitar players, face painters, robe wearers, dancers, and beer chuggers, it seems Ziggler no longer cares about being pleasant in WWE. And there's a good reason - he may be leaving.

According to StillRealToUs and The Dirty Sheets, Dolph Ziggler may be on his way out of WWE. Per the report, Ziggler's WWE contract expires in October and the only reason he's back on WWE television is to complete his final feud. With whom, you ask? Bobby Roode. We can bank on Roode getting the best of Ziggler by feud's end as The Show Off is "very unlikely" to re-sign with WWE.

This doesn't come as much of surprise as Ziggler's use on Smackdown has been alarmingly little. In fact, we haven't seen Ziggler compete in the ring since the July 4th episode where he was the first man eliminated in the Independence Day Battle Royal.

Even further in one of the final episodes of Talking Smack, Shinsuke Nakamura may have let one of Ziggler's secrets slip. In a game of nice-word association with Renee Young, Nakamura uttered that Ziggler would be going to Japan soon. The moment proved to be an awkward one as Young has to shift subjects quickly.

While there's no word on where Ziggler would land if he is to leave WWE, we have to assume that New Japan would be an optimal destination.

He’s been a valuable asset to WWE, playing the part of a mid-card gatekeeper for up and coming stars. But for Ziggler, the yearning for something more significant is all too real. He could be fantastic in Japan, if not, at least highly paid.


If the end is indeed near for Ziggler, no one can deny that he’s had a nice run in WWE. He’s developed a solid cult following through the years and still owns one of the loudest moments in recent WWE history (MITB cash-in on Alberto Del Rio). WWE would be losing one of its purest wrestlers as well, but Ziggler’s exit could create breathing room for guys like Sami Zayn.

Ziggler's potential exit is a decade in the making. Many would argue WWE missed an opportunity while others would say that they'll be happy to see him go. We'll keep you updated on the situation as will likely know more in the coming weeks