Did Triple H Just Hint Of A New Era For NXT?

(Photo: WWE)

NXT, WWE's developmental brand, was once a reality competition show that later evolved into a wrestling showcase of its own giving us superstars like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Neville. It's been Triple H's mission to sign on more independent talent and get them accustomed to WWE's wrestling style, but a tweet early Thursday morning had fans perplexed.

Currently the WWE is under what is being referred to the New Era with some of the old guard bowing out in favor of new, rising talent being pushed into the spotlight (case in point, Roman Reigns being pencilled in as the new face of the company). NXT wrestlers Finn Balor and Samoa Joe mentioned "The End" a few weeks back on their twitter feeds so what does it all mean?

It's still very unclear, but it's almost certain that NXT won't just disappear, but maybe go through another evolution and experience its own New Era. Finn, Joe, and Bayley are what's left of the original NXT at this point. Maybe The End refers to their end at NXT and being called up to the main roster in the coming months. With SmackDown! going live and a brand split inevitable once again, they'll need slots to fill and NXT would be the place to help fill the void.


So what do you think Triple H meant by this? Do you think NXT is headed towards another evolution, or something completely different? Let us know in the comments below.