Dean Ambrose Rocking New Look at Stanley Cup Finals

We've been lead to believe that Dean Ambrose's time away from WWE is to heal a busted triceps. That may still be the case, but the Lunatic Fringe is using his hiatus to establish a new look.

Ambrose and wife Renee Young, showed up at Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Washington Capitals and Las Vegas Golden Knights. As resident Las Vegans and outward supporters of the Knights, the WWE couple was invited to ride around in a Zamboni.

As you see, Ambrose's new style has folks already predicting his heel turn. While a haircut and beard may not be enough to seal the conclusion, the earring alone makes Ambrose a villain.

For what it's worth, it looked like Ambrose was due to a ride on the dark side before his injury. Rumors had him turning on then partner Seth Rollins thus setting up a massive WrestleMania match. But before that could happen, Ambrose needed surgery.

That trip to the operating room is believed to keep Ambrose out until September, but WWE may have exaggerated that prognosis.

When Seth Rollins sat down with Cape Town, South Africa's 94.5 and the topic of his injured Shield comrade came up. And according to Rollins, Ambrose will be back well before WWE's September target date.

"He had some pretty extensive triceps surgery earlier this year so he's definitely still on the mend and rehabbing. But he'll be back and better than ever, you wait. Summertime, maybe late Spring. Somewhere in there, I think, whenever that while guy gets back to normal," he said.

Even more, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle echoed a similar sentiment during a Facebook Q&A session.


"LISTEN EVERYONE. Dean is healing nicely. He will be back soon!!!!! I get this question every week. I know how popular he is but asking me when he will return will not make his return any sooner than he can. He will be back soon. Promise," wrote Angle.

If Angle and Rollins are any indications, we can expect Ambrose back at least before SummerSlam. Now that he's a private heel, we'll hope Ambrose brings his new bad self to WWE's ring—possibly to cost Rollins the Intercontinental Championship. If Ambrose is to come back soon, a loud appearance at Money in the Bank seems most likely.