Update on Dean Ambrose's Recovery and Planned Return to WWE

The return of Dean Ambrose to WWE television is one of the most anticipated moments of 2018 for a large section of wrestling fans.

While that return might still be a ways off, Ambrose is making progress toward that moment and has even moved to Birmingham, Alabama full time to continue his rehabilitation. According to PWInsider, Ambrose has been living there for about one month.

Ambrose injured his triceps during a match in December of last year and has been out of action ever since. The original prognosis was he would be miss nine months of action due to the injury, though we wouldn't be surprised to see him back a bit sooner than that. Perhaps in time for SummerSlam?

There has been a lot of speculation about what could be in store for Ambrose upon his return. While Ambrose was initially incredibly popular when he was part of The Sheild, as well as immediately following the group's break-up a couple years ago, he had started to slip a bit prior to the reformation of The Shield this last fall.

Many writers and fans attribute that to the fact that WWE had turned his character into somewhat of a goofy comedy act rather than the mad man type character that had many drawing comparisons to Roddy Piper earlier in his career.

When The Shield first reformed in late 2017, the plan was for Ambrose to eventually turn on his teammates and go heel in the process. That was set to work itself out to a feud between Ambrose and Seth Rollins that would have culminated in a singles match at WrestleMania. Instead, Ambrose tore his triceps in December and the story had to be put on ice.

With a return in the coming months, that originally planned storyline could still come back into the fold. Ambrose would clearly thrive as a heel, and Rollins is currently in the midst of one of the best runs of his career as a babyface.


A Rollins/Ambrose feud could be just what the doctor ordered to put Ambrose firmly back in the main event scene upon his return this summer.