Dean Ambrose is Smackdown's First Pick

(Photo: WWE)

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose is Smackdown's first round draft pick. After Seth Rollins went first overall, Shane McMahon picked the Lunatic Fringe as one of the headiners for the WWE's Tuesday night show.

Ambrose is currently the WWE Champion, having cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins last month. After battling Rollins to a draw last night in controversial fashion, Ambrose is scheduled to defend his WWE Championship against Seth Rollins later tonight, and will then participate in a Triple Threat match at Battleground this weekend against Roman Reigns and Rollins for the Championship.

Ambrose came up to the WWE main roster with his former Shield teammates Reigns and Rollins in 2013. Ambrose acted as the "voice" of the Shield and won the United States Championship while on the team. After Rollins betrayed his teammates in 2014 and joined Triple H and the Authority, Ambrose became one of the WWE's top faces, a blue collar workhorse who could effortlessly switch between goofy comedy bits and hard fought matches.


Although he's arguably the least talented of the Shield members in the ring, Ambrose has more fan support than both Reigns and Rollins and will be one of Smackdown's big draws moving forward.