Dean Ambrose May Have Suffered Setback in Recovery Process

With WrestleMania looming, fans have been hoping for miraculous news concerning the health of Dean Ambrose. Well, it doesn't sound like that's happening.

PWInsider reports that Ambrose was spotted at WWE's orthopedic headquarters in Birmingham, AL along with Renee Young. While that's not news, the fact that he was spotted wearing a sling around town is.

Ambrose is just 4 months into a 9-month healing process and Mike Johnson of PWInsider is concerned that he may have suffered a setback, as he's speculated on the possibility of Ambrose needing a second surgery.

The fear of Ambrose recovering poorly was amplified by his curious removal from WrestleMania AXXESS. The former WWE Champion was switched out for Ric Flair and Sting but WWE gave no reason for the move, enabling further speculation.

A quick trip down Google will tell you that Ambrose triceps surgery should only keep him out a little longer. However, WWE announced he'd be out until September—triggering fans into thinking that they exaggerated the recovery time for dramatic purposes.

Any seasoned WWE fan will always hunt the "work" that WWE is hiding from fans, but it looks more and more like Ambrose will remain on the shelf for the next few months.

In an interview with MLive, Ambrose running mate, Seth Rollins through water on the idea of The Lunati Fringe making an early return:

"Ambrose is the man. He'll be back. It's not about WrestleMania this year, it's about Wrestlemania next year and the year after that. It's about the long term."


While Rollins is not a WWE doctor, his language is pretty plain: Ambrose will not be a part of WrestleMania 34—or at least as a wrestler.

Ambrose was slotted for a monstrous heel turn before his injury and with or without a sling, he could easily ruin Seth Rollins' bid for the Intercontinental Championship.