The Miz Perfectly Trolls Daniel Bryan's Return to WWE Action

Everyone is popping champaign in the name of Daniel Bryan's return to WWE action. Everyone except The Miz.

Instead of a congratulatory tweet or remarking how inspirational Bryan's story way, The Miz stuck to his native tongue of sarcasm to address the news.

Despite never touching one another, The Miz an Daniel Bryan have created a combustible rivalry since the latter hung up his boots. The most incendiary spark came on an early episode of Talking Smack where Miz cut one of the more iconic promos in WWE history—directly into Bryan's face.

They've taken a few passive-aggressive shots since most notable with The Miz stealing Bryan's "Yes kicks" during his matches.

However, eyebrows raised at RAW 25 where the two Superstars went nose to nose n live TV. Things never got physical, but The Miz enjoyed mocking Bryan after the tense interaction.


Could a Miz vs. Bryan feud be in the near future? It's impossible to know at this point. Right now, the only facts we have are that Bryan will wrestle again in WWE and that he'll be on SmackDown tonight to tell us more.

We'll keep you posted as things develop, but with just three weeks till WrestleMania, WWE may shoot Bryan out of the proverbial cannon to ensure his participation. New Orleans is a karmic landing spot for Bryan, as he'll return to the same building that saw his finest moment as a WWE Superstar.