CM Punk Reportedly Met With Dana White at UFC 218

CM Punk continues to train for another fight with the UFC, though we may be no closer to finding out whether it will actually come to pass than we were a couple of weeks ago.

Pop Culture reported previously that UFC president Dana White noted that he would be speaking with Punk at UFC 218 last weekend in Detroit. Punk was set to be present at the event, and White had said they would meet to catch up and "see what he's doing."

White was recently asked what the pair talked about. Though he noted the two of them did speak, no agreements were made about a future fight for the former WWE champion.

According to The Express, White said, "He just came out to support his team-mate. I think he wants to fight again, he told me that. But we haven't talked about anything."

Last fall at UFC 203, the 39-year old Punk suffered a one-sided loss to Mickey Gall. Punk submitted to a rear-naked choke at the 2:14 mark in the opening round. Punk obviously had a lack of experience going in, but Gall was seen as a fighter that also was somewhat new to UFC and wasn't highly ranked. Instead of a competitive fight, though, it turned out to be a nightmare for Punk's debut.

Even so, he remains steadfast in fulfilling his dream of succeeding at MMA, which is certainly admirable. Punk has maintained a relatively low profile since that loss, but another fight would make sense from a business perspective. Punk signed a multi-fight agreement with UFC back in late 2014.


Punk would obviously stir far more excitement if he were to return to the wrestling world, where he was genuinely one of the biggest stars of the last decade. A return to WWE would be difficult given the on-going legal battles between the two sides stemming from Punk claiming to have been mistreated by WWE doctors in the past. However, if those troubles could be settled and an agreement could be reached between the sides to return to work, the re-emergence of Punk to WWE would be one of the biggest returns that WWE could pull out of their hat.

If he chose to wrestle again outside of WWE, Punk would have several other opportunities. He could make an immediate impact in New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor, where the Young Bucks have said Punk has an open invite to join the wildly popular Bullet Club.