Fans May Have Missed This Clue About Enzo Amore's Attacker

The WWE's recent game of Clue with Enzo Amore has been one of the more interesting storylines going on Monday Night RAW. At first, it appeared that The Revival had done it in the Study with the Lead Pipe. This week, however, Cass' strange behavior ended up leaving fans wondering if he could be behind the attacks himself.

GiveMeSport recently noticed something eles from Raw that may have implicated the big man.

"Last week WWE announcer Corey Graves stated on the commentary booth that he'd love to shake the hand of the men or man responsible for Amore's attack, and also insinuated that perhaps it was Cass himself who carried out the attacks. Cass came out to the commentary booth randomly this week and confronted Graves for his comments, but it ended with Graves apologizing and the pair sealed the deal with a handshake."

This week when Angle revealed that he had proof The Revival were innocent, Cass was a little too quick to emphatically insist they were behind the attack. Either he is a great friend or he's gone into full OJ "I will never stop looking for the killer" mode.

Enzo and Cass have completely stalled out since their hot debut last year. At some point, we knew Cass would grow tired of taking up for his little buddy and forge a solo path of his own, but is now the right time? And how would a 7 footer even begin to sneak up on anyone?


The WWE clearly loves the duo as a team, but Vince has never been shy about pushing his giants to the top of the card. Cass may be a little too green to get there now, but it likely won't be too long.

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