WWE Superstar Takes Shots at Connor McGregor

Conor McGregor is slated to fight Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on August 26. But, he may have an altercation, or at least a verbal one, before then.

WWE's best trash talker, Enzo Amore, sent out a tweet targeting McGregor.

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Although this may seem like it came from nowhere, it has a precedent. Back in November of 2016, McGregor went out his way to disparage WWE and its wrestlers. The expletive-ridden rant singled out a "juiced" Brock Lesnar and belittled the wrestling business as a whole.

Wresting fans and wrestlers alike lined up to take verbal swings at the UFC Champion. Amidst the onslaught, McGregor would issue his version of an apology.

And then the swarm began. Active or retired, it seemed like every wrestler with a Twitter account was ready to fight back.

Enzo Amore's jab was just the latest in the saga. McGregor will likely choose to ignore it, but there may be more insults headed his way - especially if he loses to Mayweather.

Both 'Zo and McGregor have polarizing reputations, but regardless of opinion, a verbal showdown between them would be epic. Before this Twitter war, many thought that McGregor would land in WWE. And despite all of the beef, he just may. For all we know, this could be part of some elaborate plan.

Eh, maybe not.

But it's fun to speculate! Here's to more twitter trash talk!


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