CM Punk's Trial Date Could Interfere With Next UFC Fight

On June 9, CM Punk will enter UFC's octagon for the second time in a fight against Mike Jackson. However, Punk will have to fend of WWE doctor, Chris Aman in court first.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio pointed out that these dates could easily bleed into one another, or at least keep Punk preoccupied in the days leading up to his octagon return.

"He's got that [WWE lawsuit], remember he's going to trial on the 21st [of May]," Meltzer said. "Unless there's a delay, yeah May 21st. He should not be fighting, should he? He may ask for a delay. In the middle of a lawsuit, three weeks from a fight, and that's a lawsuit where he's going to be cross-examined and gonna testify in. No, that's a bad deal. Yeah, he's going to have to get that thing delayed past June 9."

Amann is suing Punk and Cabana for $1,000,000 in damages, plus additional punitive damages for knowingly fabricating statements, publishing statements with negligence, and failing to investigate the veracity of the statements made on the podcast. Amann said he suffered the injury to his reputation as a doctor due to the defamatory claims.

In a 2014 podcast, Punk said that Amann dismissed a “fatty deposit” in Punk’s back and prescribed an ineffective antibiotic regime that caused extreme illness. The growth was identified a potential case of MRSA, a very serious infection.

Even more, Punk alleged that Amann was blasé about a concussion Punk suffered during the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Those claims ignited the internet, and Amann, who was already being painted in a negative light, had his name drug their the muck of social media.

However, it’s Amann who is in the position of power as he now has both Punk and Cabana on the proverbial ropes.

Punk has since insisted that WWE is bankrolling Amann's lawsuit while Punk and Cabana hemorrhage money in hopes of keeping monetary pace. While Punk seems annoyed by the extra expenditures, its Cabana who lacks the WWE success of Punk, who’s sweating the ballooning legal fees.


"The update is that it's still going on, it's costing me a lot of money, and that's the extent that my lawyers will allow me to talk," Cabana told LAW. "So nothing breaking here, but just do know that it's always on my mind, it's always a very sad thing. And I've talked to other podcasters... it's kind of changed the way that he's worked and realizing that this is a reality that you can host a show and get sued for it."

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