UFC Fighter Slams CM Punk for His Wrestling Finisher

As rumors continue to swirl about a second professional MMA fight for CM Punk, the former WWE champion was recently on the receiving end of a low-blow from a fellow cage fighter.

Colby Covington, currently the #3 ranked fighter in UFC's welterweight division, took to Twitter to take a shot at Punk over his former finishing move in pro wrestling.

Covington is referring to the GTS, which was first made popular by WWE's Hideo Itami while wrestling in Japan (as Kenta). Punk does not claim to have made the move popular, and has often given credit to Itami for inspiring him to use the move.

Covington is clearly just trying to stir up things with a big name, even if Punk fighting him in the UFC would make little to no sense. With Punk's minimal experience, and following a devastating loss to Mickey Gall, Punk fighting someone of Covington's stature would be less than ideal.


Though Punk's career in MMA hasn't gone according to plan when it comes to victories, you have to give the man credit for continuing to try to achieve his dream. He recently was awarded his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so he continues to progress as a fighter as rumors persist about when his next professional fight will be.