Chris Jericho Bloodies Kenny Omega at NJPW Show

Even though Chris Jericho is out of WWE, that doesn't mean he's not busy. Aside from hosting his own podcast and touring with his band, Fozzy, Jericho is flying across the specific to split open Kenny Omega's head.

With only a few weeks remaining until he and Omega's Wrestle Kingdom 12 showdown, Jericho's just fired a preemptive attack on Monday. After Omega's latest New Japan victory, the lights suddenly went out, leaving the star alone in the darkness. When they came back on, Jericho was standing right being the unsuspecting wrestler. From there, Y2J would place a hefty beating on Omega, leaving him leaking blood from his head.

Their upcoming match has already drawn plenty of positive attention as the merging of Jericho's household name and Omega's budding revolution have created an interesting juxtaposition. With Jericho's named attached to the January 4th Tokyo Dome show, New Japan should be able to reach the elusive casual wrestling fan.

Jericho/Omega has been a blast so far, their match, once it gets here, could be highly entertaining.