Chris Jericho Says He Is the 'King of the Casket Match'

We are less than two weeks away from Chris Jericho's return to a WWE ring. This isn't just your average return, though, it's a casket match against The Undertaker in front of one of the biggest WWE crowds of the year at Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

Fans who have been following the development of the show will recall that the match was originally scheduled to pit Rusev against The Undertaker. However, Rusev was suddenly removed from the match a couple of days ago. The storyline reason for the removal was because Lana did not want her husband competing in such a match.

This has lead to Rusev venting frustrations with WWE on social media, though much of it is storyline oriented according to the Wrestling Observer. He has even removed WWE references from his social media pages.

While the Rusev saga continues to unfold, Jericho prepares for his return to the ring and sounds confident heading into his match with The Undertaker. Following Undertaker's return to the ring at WrestleMania, a very brief encounter with John Cena, this could be the beginning of more matches in the future for him.

Jericho took to Instagram and Twitter to point out his "record" in casket matches.

The funny part of this is Jericho has actually never competed in a casket match, so he's not wrong in calling himself "undefeated." As seen in the graphic above, he is also referring to himself as the "king of the casket match."

WWE's preview for the match reads as follows:


The Casket Match undoubtedly belongs to The Undertaker, as The Demon of Death Valley has claimed victory in several of these harrowing contests, wherein a Superstar only wins when he gets his opponent into the casket and closes the lid. Although Jericho has never been a part of such an ominous showdown, WWE's first Undisputed Champion has battled in virtually every other kind of match WWE has to offer, and if his extensive résumé says anything, it's that he knows how to win when it counts.

Greatest Royal Rumble takes place on Friday, April 27. It will air live on the WWE Network.