Charlotte On Preparing For First Women's Money In The Bank Match

Charlotte is in the business of making WWE history. Since joining the main roster, she has become [...]

Charlotte is in the business of making WWE history. Since joining the main roster, she has become the first and only woman to ever main event a Raw, SmackDown and WWE PPV.

It would only be fitting if this Sunday she also became the first woman to ever win a Money In The Bank match. In an interview with For The Win, Charlotte discussed fans' anticipation for the upcoming match.

"There is a lot of anticipation and an element of what are the girls going to do, especially with the ladders, but I think people should be more excited about the actual briefcase itself and being the first Miss Money in the Bank."

As for the briefcase itself, the former Women's Champion, says taking it down will be an entirely new experience for all the ladies.

"Even though we've all been able to pick it up and feel what it's like in person, they are all different sizes and it's much different trying to use it when you have 15,000 people watching," Flair said. "It's way different being in front of an audience and when your adrenaline is flowing in that moment. I really don't know what to expect, to be honest."

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Charlotte also revealed her feelings on having to fend off multiple competitors to get to the coveted case.

"I can't say I've had as many multi-person matches. It's a lot different because you're dealing with more and more bodies. I don't have a preference, but I always like fighting for the title in singles matches."

While the genetically superior star is pumped about the MITB match, she's equally excited for WWE's influx of women's talent coming in this summer at The Mae Young Classic.

"It adds more depth and provides more exposure. It will be an opportunity to talk about Mae Young's history and what she accomplished a bit more. It will get the main roster girls down to NXT to feel the excitement of the tournament. The women have been so busy in the last year that the girls who came from NXT haven't had the chance to get back to Orlando and see all the buzz about Asuka and what's happening. I'm excited to just watch the tournament and I hope I can get down there in person. I think it will be awesome."

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