Carmella Reveals the Issues that Caused Breakup with Big Cass

When news broke of Carmella and Cass ending their real-life romance, fans clamored to know what happened. Well, thanks to Total Divas, Carmella had the perfect stage to explain what went wrong.

On the latest episode of Total Divas, Carmella revealed to Natalya that she was "going insane" due to a slew of issues within her an Cass' relationship. The young couple purchased a house together but that became the source of problems rather than a solution. Carmella said that the pressure to move into their new home became a point of contention.

But there was more to the story than just disagreements over their new home. Apparently, Carmella believed Cass did not have plans to marry her. However, Carmella would reveal that her sister did plant the idea in her head that Cass did have such intentions.

Apparently, Cass' knee injury became a source of negativity, too. According to Carmella, his inability to work lead to a state of unhappiness and loneliness which began to impact their relationship.

Cass has yet to say a word on the breakup, but Carmella made things official earlier this week in an Instagram post. This came after she wiped all mentioning of him from her social media accounts and went as far s unfollowing him, too.

"This weeks episode of #totaldivas is bittersweet for me. Moving, injuries, tears and more! There's no rule book for this type of lifestyle, so I'm just trying to learn as I go! Cass will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤️ Plus, he's going to make one hell of a comeback! 👊🏽"

We'll guess that Carmella and Cass' breakup will be a recurring theme on this season of Total Divas, meaning we'll have plenty more updates.


For Cass, his torn ACL will likely keep him out of action past April's WrestleMania. But before the untimely injury, it appeared that WWE was behind the big man in a big way. Hopefully, upon return, he can resume his ambitious arch.

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